Adoption Form / Waiting List

Our PET Persian kitten prices vary depending on parents and color of the kitten: chinchilla & light shaded starting at $1,500, dark shaded starting at $1,300.

Retired cats are always free to carefully selected loving homes (cats needing to be spayed/neutered have a $200 – $300 fee for the procedure).

*** Our waiting list is full at this time, hopefully in 2019 we may have available Persian kittens thanks! ***

Because we have very few cats and are very selective where our babies go, we may not always have available kittens (most are already spoken for before they are born!) We prefer to place our kittens locally or within driving distance but may consider shipping a kitten for what we consider an ideal home (our kittens travel in cabin & hand delivered by our preferred caring transporter Lauren, her fees vary depending on state/airport).
Our waiting list is a long one but if you would like to be added please fill out our form below.

We are always happy to answer any questions about our kittens but would appreciate serious inquiries only please. Due to the high volume of emails we receive, comments asking only for price with out proper introductions and a valid phone number and/or email, can not be answered. 

My kittens are our babies and we are a home not a pet shop.

They are precious little spirits to us and we take great pride in the time and love we put into our kittens.

Very seldom do I offer cats “For Breeding” but may consider carefully screened, loving, small cage-free breeders. I’m also happy to help new/beginner breeders to the cat fancy who’ve done their in depth research about the silver/golden Persian, we were all “newbies” at one point.

“For breeding” prices vary depending on what you are looking for and based on the envisioned show quality potential of the kitten & pedigree, please contact me for more details. *Known unethical breeders AND their affiliates need NOT apply*

* If you do not hear back with in a week we did not receive your entry, please send again *chinchilla persian kitten

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Thank You!     
        You can also send us a message through our Facebook page or by scanning our code with your FB messenger app: messenger_code_206815359370888

** Please keep in mind Persians are high maintenance cats, they require constant grooming and eye cleanings to keep their long fur from staining & matting. Our cats, those we are not currently showing in competition, are usually shaved down for easier maintenance. Since the silver Persian has an almost white coat color, some may require daily eye upkeep to prevent their cheeks from staining (especially during the teething stage in kittens) while others won’t need any help at all (tearing is minimal and they groom themselves efficiently).  Although daily eye care may be needed, some will only require cleaning every few days as can been seen in the many pictures through out my website. Some of our cats may have dark tears around the eyes, these pictures were taken in between grooming and they do a good job of grooming it themselves. However, staining occurs when these dark tears are left with out cleaning for long periods of time and in turn stain the underlying fur an orange/rusty color. To see if this is the right type of cat for you, please see my page on grooming Persian cats. (special thanks to my website developer for writing most of this content.)**