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Our Persian Kitten Information

Here at SilverDonia, our Persian kitten’s unique personalities develop as they grow with us. It is especially important that we handle them frequently at a very young age to properly develop those important socialization skills that make them such wonderful companions. Having five children in the house naturally contributes and even enhances this process!

Our kittens also remain with their mom and siblings until they are ready to go around 12 weeks of age. This allows full development of their immune system, development of their socialization skills with their litter mates and people, and prepares them to enter their second home with maturity and confidence. Our kittens are accustomed to being groomed, we start them out at an early age brushing them on a regular basis as well as baths and nail trimmings. Our babies are also nondestructive, we begin training them how to use a scratch post at a very young age as well as potty training sessions. By the time they are ready to go to their new home, they have mastered scratch post & litter box using skills.

We prefer to place our kittens locally or within driving distance but may consider shipping a kitten for what we consider an ideal home. You may have to answer questions so that we can determine the type of environment you are offering one of our kittens. Our kittens are precious little spirits to us so we’ll want to know all you can tell us about your home. They are not to be declawed or allowed outside. We will allow potential owners to visit the kittens after 9 weeks of age after their first shots. For the safety of our family, a copy of a valid drivers license must be emailed to me prior to your visit. Deposits are non-refundable, so it is important you are sure about the kitten you choose. A deposit will reserve the kitten of your choice and will be applied to the total, first pick going to those on our waiting list. To be placed on our waiting list please fill out our adoption form.

Health guarantee: SilverDonia stands behind every kitten we place. We warrant that our kittens are genetically sound and guarantee they are in good health on delivery. We give our kittens their first shots & wormings and provide new owners with CFA registration papers (after proof of spay/neuter), DNA results of the parents or grandparents, vaccination history, and a kitten care guide. We also require new owners to spay/neuter our kittens by 8 months of age.

* We reserve the right to randomly spay/neuter our kittens BEFORE leaving our home as we see fit*