There Is No Such Thing As Toy Or Teacup Persian Kittens!

teacup persian kitten | teacup kitten | teacup persian cat | notThere have been quite a few websites with silver and golden Persian kittens popping up claiming to have toy or teacup Persian kittens charging astonishing prices for pets with unknown bloodlines ($3000-$8000!!)

Silver Persians and Golden Persian cats have always been smaller than other colors of Persians.  An average female weighs 5-6 pounds. An average male weighs 7-9 pounds. Cats any smaller than this are labeled “runts”; not teacups, toys, pixie, minis, or whatever other designer label has been conjured up to describe these cats.

Reputable breeders, those who are trying to improve the breed, are working to breed away from this small size as a Persian cat should be a genetically sound medium to large cat. However the unscrupulous are banking on it by misleading unsuspecting pet owners into thinking this trait is rare, coveted, or new, and charging exorbitant amounts of money for their kittens; outrageous prices don’t always mean better quality or pedigree. These kittens may also grow to be a normal size adult! In fact most of these “businesses” do not display the parents of their kittens nor do they provide dna testing results or pedigrees on their websites.

Make yourself an educated consumer. Learn more about teacup Persian kittens and these facts with the Cat Fanciers Association or talk to reputable breeders who have been involved in the improvement of the Silver and Golden Persian before you fall for this deception!