Champion Silverdonia Nour’s first CFA cat show! Shaded silver Persian cat 2016 – IL

We entered our big girl Nour (despite her short coat still growing back after her last hair cut) to support our local show, and she did well considering it was her first time out of the house! She earned her Champion ribbons and we had a great time seeing old friends and all the pretty kitties 🙂


I’d like to give special thanks to Doreann Nasin who watched over my 11 year old daughter Jenaan in my absence on the second day, thank you!! Jenaan was able to prep & show Nour all by herself for the last 2 rings of the show and had lots of fun doing so! She took many adorable pictures and captioned them for her snapchat 🙂 Very proud of you sweetheart ♥


SilverDonia Nour, Shaded silver Persian female around six pounds @ one year 6 months old at the Lincoln State cat club’s 55th annual show 2/27/2016 – 2/28/2016 (number 77):

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