Choosing a Reputable Persian Kitten Breeder


Why Choose a reputable Persian kitten Breeder?

You should look to reputable Persian kitten breeders in order to ensure that you wind up with a healthy, well-bred Persian cat. Rather than answering an advertisement for a “free Persian kitten or cheap Persian kitten,” take a bit of time and interview the proposed Persian breeder in order to learn about their standards and values before purchasing a Persian kitten from them.  A reputable breeder will not mind your inquiries and happily welcome them.

In fact, if you are interested in adopting a Persian kitten, it is likely that reputable Persian cat breeders will actually interview you before allowing one of their kittens to become part of your family. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to fill out a questionnaire which asks you about your home life.  This is intended to weed out those who are not properly equipped to care for a new kitten or under cover breeders.

Reputable Persian cat breeders breed kittens first and foremost for top health standards as proven by their health guarantee and DNA testing practices, they do not breed for profit! An ethical breeder spends far more money taking care of and showing their cats than they’ll ever make on kitten sales.

They do not advertise teacup size kittens either, in fact there is no such thing as a teacup Persian kitten! These teacup sized kittens may appear to be cute, but the variation actually amounts to a genetic mutation that can cause health problems for the kitten down the line.  This kitten may also grow to be a normal size adult! So be cautious of any breeder claiming to breed teacup Persian kittens; most of these “businesses” do not display the parents of their kittens nor do they provide DNA testing results or pedigrees on their websites. Ethical reputable breeders proudly display the parents and DNA results on their website.  

A reputable breeder should also provide you with parents’ pedigrees, DNA testing results & a health history if they are not already displayed on their website. Many websites have logos or pictures claiming they are negative catteries for the various issues that affect the Persian breed, these “pictures” pkddon’t automatically authenticate the claim. Don’t hesitate to ask for the results if they haven’t been offered.



Bottom line, reputable Persian cat breeders are cat lovers who breed to meet or even exceed the registry standards and only want to ensure that their cats go only to loving and responsible homes where they will be loved and cared for during their lifetime.  A reputable breeder brings these Persian kittens into a healthy clean and loving environment from the time that they are born, and it is the breeder’s interest to make sure that these kittens go on to a clean and loving new home.  Do not take offense to all the questions that the breeder may ask you, it only shows how much they love their cats. If you are a Persian cat lover too, you will come to appreciate all the time and care that goes into choosing the proper family for each of their Persian kittens.