GC RW Simbakui Al Sultan of SilverDonia

Chinchilla Silver Persian Male. Sire: GC Kittikamir Augustus McCrae X Dam: GC Simbakui Summer Solstice dob:4/28/2011

Sultan saif

 Crossed the rainbow bridge 12/26/2015 Good bye dear friend, you will never be forgotten & always have a special place in our hearts

DNA results: Sultan DNA  <–Click

 Pedigree <– click

2nd best silver/golden Persian adult Midwest region 2011/2012

2nd best chinchilla silver Persian adult Midwest region 2011/2012

5th best silver/golden Persian kitten world wide 2011/2012

21st best ALL BREED  kitten Midwest region 2011/2012 <–Click

2nd  Best Silver/Golden Kitten Dixieland 2011

Granded at 8 months old!


Pictures sent to us as he was growing:




















10 weeks 10 wks








11 weeks

11 weeks














Pictures taken here after his arrival:



first day here

Arrival from the airport! sultan 13 weeks old @ top, maha bottom

~ 13 weeks









~13 wks


























~14weeks DSC05586 DSC05550


















4 months

4 months

4 months









4 months old & growing his coat back



~5 months

~5 months

























6 months

7 months

7 months


Sultan bottom right, maha top, shahms left

7.5 months Sultan & his ribbons @ our local show & he was highest scoring all breed kitten of the show! Cherrybirdie Shahms 7.5 months on the left




















At 8 months, my attempt at a photo-shoot 🙂

DSC01422 DSC01472 DSC01638 DSC01682 DSC01927 DSC02027 DSC02031 DSC02034









































8 months












Father son picture:

Sultan on the right at 4 years old, his father GC Kittikamir Augustus McCrae on the left:

sultan 4 years old

4 years 7 months, between haircuts 🙂 :

4yrs 7m